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Community Events Calendar

Check out our new Community Events Calendar filled with many local events in the greater Trumansburg area.

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our Survey

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O U R  M I S S I O N :
Develop facilities & programs for community sports, recreation, and leisure in the Trumansburg area.
Five ways we hope to help our community:


Create spaces for our community to come together

For all ages, a place where Trumansburg residents can enjoy a variety of activities


Provide spaces for our youth to engage in healthy activities

To broaden community resources with healthy activites for our young people


Build sports fields to allow more access for our community sports teams

Soccer, baseball, football, skateboard park, and other facilities to give kids more places to play


Connect surrounding communities with Trumansburg

A place for out-lying communities like Jacksonville, Covert and Perry City to have a central place to get together right in town


Provide opportunities to 
help our local seniors stay active

Activites and places for all age groups to get together and stay fit